Rogue Squadron

Welcome to the Rogue Squadron headquarters. We are a planned player guild / squadron for the online space game Star Citizen, by Cloud Imperium Games.

Rogue Squadron will Operate in Star Citizen with the following intended roles of operation, in addition to more:

      • Squadron PVP & PVE Events
      • Cooperative Casual Play
      • Civilian Defense & Public Services
      • Military & Mercenary Contract Work
      • Search & Destroy Operations
      • Exploration Initiatives
      • Mission Rewards Pooling
      • Optional Content - no mandatory attendance!

To learn more about Rogue Squadron's ideals and goals and to access our Recruitment page, click here!

Recent Squadron Activity:

Temporarily out of service (Forums activity feed is not online yet). This section will contain an uplink/feed to the most recent publicly accessible forum activity.

Contact Information:

(In Game)
Squadron Leader
: Corran Horn
Squadron XO: Place Holder
Squadron Officer: Place Holder
Squadron Officer: Place Holder
Admin Assistant: Place Holder

Feel free to contact us in game or through the forums for any questions, comments, complaints, or general communications. If you are having problems with the website or notice a problem that you wish to report, please post on the Bug Reports section of the forums or email us directly at