What Is Rogue Squadron?

We are a collection of PC Gamers and Star Citizens who adhere to a certain moral standard when compared alongside most other gamers. Most of us have played the gauntlet of different games on the market and found them lacking the finesse and presentation Star Citizen is going to bring to the table (so to speak). We aim to uphold a neutral-good attitude towards our interactions with players as the game goes into production and testing, and as such you can expect Rogue Squadron to be a friendly force to encounter in space! We seek to provide our members with a healthy community of active players to experience as a group the content the game will offer us.


We will have cooperative squadron missions, PVP and PVE events, exploration, commerce, and almost everything else available in the finished game supported and nurtured under our wings! Offering support for both casual and 'hardcore gamer' members with a variety of activities both solo and as a group or full squadron events, we welcome new members so long as their personal interests don't conflict with the squadron's rules.


We aren't a generic catch-all band of flying aces, though. We do not and will not support or condone space piracy, raids, of harrassment of other pilots in the game universe. Our strongest roles will be in the support of the Star Citizen community in efforts towards anti-piracy, civilian protection from PVE events, and in patrolling space where the NPC UEE military security faction has little or no presense. We're sort of like the Good Guy Space Vigilantes!


Here are some of our planned feature roles in the SC Universe:


• Squadron PVP & PVE Events
While favoring anti-piracy and civilian defense initiatives, R.S. will also host multiple dedicated combat wings for advanced PVE & PVP players.

• Cooperative Casual Play
Fly missions, run the trade lanes, explore, smuggle, or do anything else during your free time! You can fly solo, but as a Rogue, you don't have to be alone in space and can frequently find a squadron member willing to fly as your wingman!


• Civilian Defense & Public Services
Fly cover for merchants, convoys, explorers, miners, and other civilians where UEE presence is scarce or null. R.S. plans to be a benefitiary service offering free civilian protection from the dangers of space piracy and alien activity during our patrols and expeditions.

• Military & Mercenary Contract Work
Get hired on with a group of Rogue Wingmen for special assignments performing mercenary work! Fly fighter cover for a carrier in a PVP engagement, take out an enemy Destroyer with your bombers, or scout a system on a reconnaissance commission!

• Search & Destroy Operations
Where heavy piracy is reported, R.S. will issue preemptive strike missions, seeking out pirate bases and carriers to liberate in an effort to help restore order and peace of mind to local populations.

• Exploration Initiatives
Fly deep space recon for your fellow Rogues, seeking out special one-off events in space, new jump points, and other hidden secrets. Perhaps your discovery could lead to a special event that brings the squadron to arms to help you!

• Mission Rewards Pooling
On all official squadron activities, participating members will share mission reward pools for anything non-automated by the universe servers! If we capture a ship or a hold full of gear that we don't need and sell it off, enjoy your share of the proceeds! This is part of our effort to help our pilots keep their ships repaired and up to date with the best technology.

• Optional Content
All of this is for fun! Nobody is going to force you to come to any event if you're busy with another activity or off on your own personal missions. Enjoy multiple tiers of squadron participation, tailored to suit different play styles.
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